The Hillary’s humble start in the peat business occurred around 1885 in Ireland. Grandpa Willie Hillary, then a lad, began cutting and drying peat. He would then load his donkey and deliver his high-grade peat to his Irish neighbors.

Grandpa Willie came to the U.S. in the early 1900’s and had a large family. His oldest son Joseph, after college, did business in South America until finally buying his own company in Cuba.

In the 40’s, Joseph bought a ranch in Groveland, Florida where he was active in citrus and cattle. After college, his sons Shaun and Dennis joined him. In 1975, peat was discovered on this ranch. Following tradition, this was the beginning of Hillary Peat Company in the United States.

The company has grown quite a bit from a lad with a donkey. Through hard work, quality products and excellent service, Hillary Peat has grown to include two advanced production facilities, a permitted 500-acre peat bog, and statewide delivery of custom blend potting soils.

The Hillary Family is still actively running the business today. From the beginning the company goal has remained constant: Provide our customers with high quality mixes and excellent service.